Rapid-Cover™ by Modutech

Our flagship walkway shelters are designed to provide a contemporary covering from nature’s elements while maintaining a solution within a budget.

Ideal for walkways and other outdoor areas, this unique product can be used on multiple projects over many years, helping you get more from your budget.

Making it easy to protect your most important asset, your people!

Rapid-Cover™ in action…


A Truly Sustainable Solution

Traditional timber & cladding solutions do not offer the flexibility for easy relocation to the next project and often discarded with the additional costs. Rapid-Covers™ engineered steel & fabric benefits minimize site disposal and promote company sustainability values.

Control Costs

Rapid-Cover™ ultimately is a long-term asset, driving efficiencies within your company over multiple projects. Structural timber is in a shortage and reusable fabricated steel assets allow for further cost reduction in budgets.

Pre-engineered for Aussie conditions

With rigorously tested materials and designs, Rapid-Cover™ is built to survive & shield from harsh wind, rain & heat conditions. Certified & compliant with AS1170.1 & AS1170.2 Wind Loading Codes and AS4100 Steel Structures.

Project Flexibility

Rapid-Cover™ caters for easy adjustments depending on individual project circumstances. Whether uneven ground, varied building heights or a pitched roof, a functional & efficient result is guaranteed.

Minimize Asset Damage

Previous walkway shelter options require fixings into portable buildings or concrete ground supports. Certified nylon strapping and rooftop mounts replace this with zero penetration of cladding reducing risk of leaks & corrosion and damage fees.

Easy to Install & Relocate

Rapid-Cover™ is specifically designed to be easily and quickly installed by a site’s own teams. We also have skilled supervisors and installation teams available to help.

Width & Height Capabilities

Modular Walkway Shelters


Ideal for any building site

Rapid-Cover™ shelters sit comfortably across any roof profile and are held to the base of the building by temporary rated strapping.

Following the completion of a project, units can easily be uninstalled and relocated to the next destination.

Every shelter is pre-engineered to Australian structural specifications and the wind loadings in any region your projects will take you.

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Rapid-Cover™ making it easy