Yes, RapidCover shelters are very quick & simple to be installed by your own site teams saving you money. Almost no tools or expertise required and installation guides & videos available to support.

Modutech & our agents can also support onsite if required and help with any initial training.

Yes, both Modutech & our agents have experienced subcontract teams who install our shelters.

Shelters can be easily removed by your own teams or our experienced subcontractors. If required, contact us or the agency that supplied the shelter to organise.

Instruction guides are available to ensure shelter is dismantled & cover rolled correctly for easy install on your next project.

P.s. Ask us about stillage options for easy storage & transport!

In most cases, literally zero! Only access equipment is required – either 1.8m platform ladders or a scissor lift. When a ground mount support is used, tool’s would be required to install choice of footing.

Yes! Pre-engineered, certified & compliant with AS1170.1 & AS1170.2 Loading Codes and AS4100 Steel Structures. As standard, RapidCover is suitable for anywhere in Australia within Wind Region A.

If your project is located outside this region, contact us to discuss project requirements & easy add-on options to ensure compliance.

Although a pre-engineered & certified system for many different shelter combinations, this service is available if your required. Get in touch so we can ensure all box’s are ticked!

Yes! Ask us to be put in touch with your nearest agent from our growing number of rental partners!

Modutech & our national agents generally have stock readily available to be shipped/delivered within days of order confirmation.

100%. RapidCover is designed to last over many different projects letting you make the most of your capital investment. Well surpassing the lifespan of traditional timber options!

Yes! All RapidCover™ branded shelter systems come with a 10 year warranty. Quality design & sound workmanship put our confidence in this lasting well beyond!

Yes! Fabric material used for the covers is of sound quality and designed to be handled regularly. However, if required can be easily repaired by yourselves or our nearest agent.

Rachet webbing will only be damaged if severely mishandled. If torn or cut, please reach out so we can send you replacements ASAP!

Yes! All RapidCover components are stocked for fast delivery to be easily incorporated into your current system.

No! Designed for flexibility, RapidCover can be mounted on any make of relocatable building. This includes those with standard Trimdeck roof profile, insulated panel design (sandwich panel/Bondor) or shipping container. Adjustable roof top column’s ensure a consistent shelter over varying roof pitches & building heights.

The rooftop column component can be easily interchanged for a ground column support option. Check out the RapidCover product page for more info.

Providing your walkway widths are anywhere between 2m & 3.2m shelters can be easily mounted to roof. The adjustable column location’s allow flexibility to cater for inconsistent widths over a walkway if one end is narrower than the other.

You name it! With shelter structural frames in 3m increments, these can be joined over & over again to whatever length you require.

Yes! Ask us about RapidCover’s optional gutter component to be used for drainage in this scenario.

In most cases! Providing walkways between huts are within 2m & 3.2m wide. If there are multiple huts in a line, we recommend you run a measurement and check each 3m centre to ensure footing placement will be on the hut. Where not, ensure you have a ground column support and footing option on hand or reach out so we can get you one ASAP!

If you are considering RapidCover before huts are in place, check your planned site layout to ensure hut location’s allow easy placement of rooftop footings.

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